Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm famous by default again

Go undisclosed friend of mine!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

smell ya later Shockoe Espresso

I'm off to another small town, where I'm sure I'll find another local coffee shop to terrorize on the internet. It's been fun.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Note to Self

When trying to return a really expensive outfit, and the lady behind the counter asks you if you've ever worn it, don't say yes.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear Retina,

I wanted to ask you this question today when you were helping me at the customer services counter at the Kroger on Broad:

Has anyone ever asked you if your name is pronounced the same way as the name for the light sensitive part inside the inner layer of your eye that is responsible for receiving light and transforming it into image-forming signals which are transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain?

Or is it Re-tina?

Anyway, I would have asked, but you seemed pretty irritated when you told me that next time I should just ask the normal cashier for stamps.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get out of my head!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear Family,

It has recently been brought to my attention that you and your friends have discovered my blog.

While the prospect of my closest loved ones reading my inner most thoughts, desires and fears should probably terrify me, I really couldn't be more elated.

I think the internet is the best thing to happen to us since the '92 Brost Family Reunion.

However - now that the cat's out of the bag - I feel like I have a bit of explaining/updating to do.

First, please don't be alarmed by the name of my blog. It really stems from an inside joke between my best friend and I from band camp and/or a church retreat a few years back.

It certainly has nothing to do with my success as a functioning member of society.

Now that that's cleared up ~ Hello.

How have you been? I hope everything and everyone has been well since I visited home last.

That Christmas party was one for the record books.

And since then, I've never been better.

As most of you know and/or saw, I recently graduated from a prestigious graduate program with a Masters of Science in Mass Communication.

Here is a picture of me you can put in your wallets to show your friends.

Last week all of the recent graduates also attended a two day recruiter session held at my school.

While I haven't received any formal offers yet, I do have a lot of great leads for companies that will pay me enough money to afford Christmas presents for all of you this year and maybe even postage for your thoughtful thank you cards.

However, I plan on staying in town until I find a job that pays well and won't compromise my quality time with you. (I at least want to make sure I'll have the time to call home every Sunday.)

Other than that, things have been great over here in sunny Richmond. I was able to sneak away from my computer for a few hours yesterday to enjoy a SPF45 friendly afternoon at the river with a few of my closest school friends - none of whom brought along a backpack full of beer.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Jamestown. If I'm lucky enough, I may see some historical reenactments and partake in family friendly activities such as making candles out of beeswax.

Again, I hope all is well in Wisconsin and that you continue to check my blog for updates every six to eight months. And please tell Grandma(s) and Grandpa I say hello.

All my love,